Delicious Demon, The Artwork of Alexander Khost

Delicious Demon is a portfolio of artwork by the Brooklyn based artist, Alexander Khost.

My work deals mostly with the concept of the interior subject as it unfolds onto exterior objects and landscapes, represented through the distortion of perspective points and multiple ground-lines.

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Artist's Statement

To get to and from school each day as a child, I had to walk along what seemed to be an endless, straight sidewalk that was next to a cemetery near my home. I used to have an anxious recurring dream about a point between two slabs in the sidewalk that would open up, exposing a deep tunnel beneath the ground that I would perpetually be ensnared within. Over years of thinking about that image, for comfort I filled the sidewalk tunnel void with objects and people familiar to me, that which I hold sacred. I have had a lifelong pursuit since that time to depict this initial imagery in different ways in my artwork.

My process began with literal depictions of tunnels under sidewalks that transformed into observations of actual tunnels, that ultimately led to realizing that the notion of perspective itself is always a tunnel. With this thought, I began playing with perspective points and the union of illogical groundlines, often taken from different photos of the same landscape from various angles depicted in my work as one scene. Typically I start with an in-depth plan but then focus on the details of various sections so that when they come together at the end, they never quite meet appropriately, leaving a discomforting impossible familiarity. I've observed a similar process in the work of children as they attempt to translate their observations onto paper without a full understanding of how to depict space on a two-dimensional page. This hieroglyphic note-taking quality I like to describe as "precise inaccuracy," with attention to the details without picking one's head up to see the whole picture, as we often do going through life.

This imagery plays over in my mind, illustrating so many qualities of my life long struggle, the onerous walk to school / departure from home, the child trying to make sense of the world, the anxiety of trying to decipher repeated patterns, the passage of time that recedes in the distance both in front and in back of us as our sight recedes into the unknown distances of that which surrounds us. Should I ever figure out how to convincingly depict the space beyond the vanishing point, I will surely stop making artwork at that moment, and I therefore confidently and ceaselessly proceed.

"I wasn't hepped on becoming a painter. Not at all. I was simply wiggling out of the strait-jacket." -Henry Miller

Delicious Demon © 2017
Chez Oskar, oil on linen, 24x18, 2016